Thursday, March 3, 2016

Writing Challenge:Word Root


He was Psyched. Was he? If this didn't work then what would. He hoped he was Psychic, but what if he wasn't. He would become a Psycho if he didn't become Psychic. Then he would be out of work for the 5th time this month. He was still trying to find his passion. He put his hand on the crystal clear ball. "I see that you know someone named Jeff" He said. "No, who's Jeff" the man said. "Darn it, I'm not Psychic".

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What is it You Will Do With Your One Wild and Precious Life?

Potential is everywhere. You can find it in cities, towns, and schools. Most people never reach their full potential, most people never find out what they could have been if they had really worked at it, however I intend to. Once I am on the door of death I will have hoped to have done everything I wanted to do, been able to do anything that I wanted to do. Potential is a precious thing, and is not to be wasted. That is why I won't waste my potential.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Just a Curling Game

“Two tickets please”, Wayne said.
“Alright then, that will be 35.35 dollars” The cashier said.
“Here you are” The cashier said.
“Thanks” Wayne said.
“Alright let's go” Wayne said.
“Ok”Khloe said.
The stadium was giving off a silver glimmer from the sun. A banner hailed from the top of the stadium that read the words:Curling Championship. “Tickets please”said a man with sunglasses on and a shirt that said “STAFF” on it.”Sure, here you are,” Wayne said. “Thanks”the man said mischievously,” and have a real safe game”. “Thanks” Wayne said suspiciously.They entered the stadium.
“I’ve got this weird feeling” Wayne said.”Like something bads going to happen at this game,”.
“ It’s probably nothing” Khloe said.
“Yeah you’re probably right” Wayne said.
“Hey, look it’s about to start”Khloe said.
“Ok, let’s watch” Wayne said.
“Welcome to the annual curling championship, featuring our nation's best” the announcer said.”Now please stand as we honor our nation”.”Oh Canada, our ho-hello Canada, we dislike your country, very much, and you are from Canada. “Therefore we must kill you” the announcer said.The crowd gasped. People started to cry.Canada was under attack.”No one will leave this stadium tonight alive” The announcer said with a snicker. The ring of phones trying to call 911 could be heard all around the stadium. “No connection” said Wayne after trying to call 911.”You may be wondering what happened to the cell connection” the man said cleverly,”well, it is no longer available”.
“Well what should we do” asked Khloe almost in tears.
“There’s nothing we can do” Wayne said angrily.
“This could be it then” Khloe whimpered.
“I guess so,” Wayne said quietly.
“Well we have to try, I’m not going to die without a fight.
“Well I think we should try to find a way out” Wayne said doubtfully.
“Yeah, let’s go then,”Khloe replied.
Wayne and Khloe started to walk out of the exit but it was blocked off with concrete blocks. Then, one of the men that they had seen when they entered the stadium pulled a gun out from under his shirt pointing it at them.
“We don't want any trouble”Wayne studered.
“Ye-yeah”Khloe agreed.
“Well then, I guess you two should move right on back to your seats then” The man said intimadentaly.
“Ok” Wayne said nervously. The two cautiously made their way back to their seats.
“There’s no way out” Khloe said doubtfully.
“There’s always a way out” Wayne said with certainty. Wayne scanned the stadium. But wait, exactly what he had been looking for, a flaw in the system. An entrance with no one in it, no fans, no “staff”. An idea sparked in Wayne's mind, then more, the sparks of ideas formed a fire. Wayne had a plan.”Khloe I have an idea” Wayne said.Wayne leaned over and whispered in Khloe’s ear for about 30 seconds.
“It could work” Khloe said shocked.
“I know”Wayne said, “But it requires precise execution”
“Well the alternative isn’t too great” Khloe said.
“Yeah, I guess not” Wayne agreed. Wayne moved his feet slowly over the three foot high fence that was suppose to keep the people in the higher deck from jumping onto the ice.
“This is it” Wayne said.The both took a deep breath in.
“Yep, life or death”Khloe said. They both climbed over the fence. They both started to tiptoe with the edges of their feet on the edge of the fence. They sneakily and cautiously proceed to the to the open section while trying not to trip and fall to their imminent doom. They finally reached their destination.
“There it is”Khloe said in a hopeful tone,”I think we're gonna make it” Khloe said.
“Man, I hope so”Wayne said. They cautiously climbed over the edge of the fence and back into safety. “It’s not blocked off” Wayne said with urgency.
“Maybe it is but we can’t see it”Khloe said.
“We will die if we don’t try this”Wayne said.
“Fine, but let’s hurry up”Khloe said. The hopeful couple made their way very stealthily to the entrance. Khloe’s bracelet came clean off, she bent over to get it.
“RUN,it’s a trap”Wayne screamed. All that Khloe could hear was the ringing in her ears, and all that she could see was her boyfriend, looking as if part him was a volcano and there was lava coming out. Khloe stumbled up and ran for her life.”No, no, no, no” Khloe cried hysterically.
Khloe knew that she had to get out of there, for Wayne. Khloe just had to think how they would think. Suddenly two men with guns and a shirt that said staff on it grabbed Khloe.”HELP” Khloe screamed.
“Who do you think is going to help you”the man said with a smile”the mounties?”
“The boss says to bring her to HQ,” one of the guards said.
“We better do it then, we don’t want to end up like these people will.” Khloe was blindfolded and put in a van. Khloe screamed the entire ride, but there was no one to hear her, or so she thought. Once the van stopped, one of them pulled her by the head and pushed her through a door. Khloe was pushed up a few flights of stairs before. She heard a voice.”Well, well, well” a dark evil voice said”Now I have the couple that tried to escape, your boyfriends right here”. “He might not live that much longer, he should be dying from the bullet any minute now”.”Bang” A shot was fired, but it sounded like it came from downstairs.”Bang”another one could be heard.”What is that noise?”the voice asked. The henchmen shrugged. “Click,click,click”footsteps could be heard on the metal stairs. The door busted open. “TCPD” A voice said. Suddenly, Khloe was grabbed by someone, she felt a piece of metal on her skull.”Bang”someone fired a gun.”Bang”. Khloe fell to the floor. She couldn’t move, her eyes slowly shut close. Warm blood poured all over her. Khloe turned from a person, to a corpse.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I Could Run Forever but Never Finish

I glanced at the clock. 4:00 a.m. I felt as if I just drank five cups of coffee. My heart was rumbling like a stampede of animals. In just five short hours, I had to be at the first cross country practice of the year, and school didn’t start for another week. It was my last year of high school, and because my Dad got a promotion at work and we moved, it was a new school. What if no one likes me? What if I was the slowest there? What if I am the only one to show up? These thoughts had rushed through my head for the past few days. I finally drifted off to sleep. “Beep” “Beep” the alarm clock went off.
Dad yelled, “Come on, Dave!”
I came downstairs, and sat down to eat breakfast. Dad looked over at me. “Listen, I know that you want to go to college, but we just can’t afford it right now. I don’t know what to tell you. Unless you can get a scholarship or earn the money yourself, you're gonna have to wait.”
“Fine,” I said, blinking back tears.
We finished eating and got in the car. Before I knew it, I was at school, and the first cross country practice. I got out of the car.
“Hey,” said a kid in a neon shirt.
“Hey,” I answered. It was like a ghost town. “The rest of the team will be here soon,” said the kid.
“How many people are on the team?” I asked.
“Counting us and the middle school team, 11.”
“Wow!” I said.
“What?” said the kid.
“I thought that there would be more kids,” I said.
“Nope just 11,” the kid replied. “I’m CJ.”
“I’m Dave,” I replied. More cars started to pull up to the curb, and before I knew it, the other kids arrived, and were all talking to each other. “Alright, let’s warm up.” By the end of the warm up lap, I was wheezing. “Alright, we're doing four miles today,” said a kid with spiky hair.
“Where’s the coach?” I asked.
“He only comes during the school year,” a kid responded.
“Oh,” I replied. We started running. The hot concrete felt as if it was melting my shoes. Two miles in, I knew I had to walk. “Phew,” I said. There was no one around, all the high schoolers were ahead and the middle school  behind. After five minutes, I started to run again. Finally the run was over. I went home and my legs felt like they were made of rubber.
“Hey buddy, how was practice?” asked Dad.
“Ow” I replied.
“Ow?” asked Dad.
“Yep,” I replied.
“Well then,” replied Dad.
I wanted to quit. I had to quit. I couldn’t quit. The next morning I woke up. There wasn’t enough urge in me to get out of bed. I slowly crawled out of bed and threw some clothes on. Before I knew it I was at the school. The warm up lap made me want to go to bed and not get up for six hours. I dropped to the grass and lied down.
“Hey man you alright?” asked CJ.
“Yeah, just a little sore,” I answered.
“Ah second day sickness,” CJ remarked.
“Guess so,” I replied.
“So, you gonna be ok?” CJ commented.
“Yeah just gonna lie here for a little…”
“Take your time” CJ snickered.
I’m going home, I thought. I got up and went over to everyone. “ I just remembered….. I have a den-- a doctor's appointment, and I have to go.
“Alright, see you later” said CJ.
“Yeah see you,” everyone else said.
I slowly walked away, surprised that no one caught my fake den-- doctor's appointment.
“Hey sport, you're done early” Dad remarked
“Yeah, I don’t think I want to do cross country anymore,” I answered.
“Why?” Dad asked in angry tone.
“I just don’t think I am cut out for it,” I responded.
“I’ll tell you what, if you keep on running cross country for a month, and if you still hate it, you can quit. But if you don’t try it, you won’t know for sure. You might just be a good runner,” Dad said.
“Fine,” I mumbled.
The next morning, it was different. I got up and put some clothes and ran downstairs. I said bye to my dad and went out the door. When I got there the whole team was waiting. I felt like part of the team now. “‘Sup,” CJ said.
“‘Sup,” I said.
“Second day sickness gone?” asked CJ.
“Just about,” I answered back.
The first day of school arrived. It was a new school.
”Let's go,” yelled Dad.
“Coming,” I yelled back. Our car pulled up to the school.
“Bye Dad,” I said.
“Have a good day” and with that I found myself alone, staring a cold blank new school. There was something about schools in California, I just didn’t like them.I slowly approached the gray school that gave me an empty feeling. The stone stairs felt slippery as I moved my feet up one by one. I opened the heavy glass door and walked inside. “Look, fresh meat,” is what I heard in my head. The hallway was filled with people. I saw a sign that said ‘Main Office’ and quickly made my way there. “Hi, I’m Dave Harris,I’m new here” I said.
“Well,hello there young man, welcome to Oakfield high school! Let me see … Ah, yes, go to room 7,” said the secretary
“Thanks” I said. I left the office, and made my way through the hallways until I found the room that said 7. I put my hand on the door and slowly turned it until it couldn’t turn anymore, I pushed it open, and went in the room.
“Hi, I am Mr.Sireco and this is 12th grade.”
“I’m Dave Harris.”
“Well Dave, welcome!” said Mr. Sireco.
“Thanks,” I said.
The rest of the day was a blur of unknown faces and new teachers.
The bell rang. I packed up my bag and made my way to cross country practice.
“Alright everybody listen up, our first meet is on Monday. Since today is Friday, you all have the day off,” said the coach.
“Yesss,” I heard people saying.
“But, run over the weekend.”
After that, things got into a routine, and every practice was pretty much the same as the first. Before I knew it, it was time for the first meet of the year. I layed there in bed, wide awake, but not able to get up. Today was the day, I had to leave it all out on the course. I finally got up, put on my uniform, and ran out the door. On the bus, there was no talking, everyone was too nervous. We pulled up at the meet. Everyone was jittery. “Boys high school runners in five minutes,” the announcer said. “Alright let’s get over there,” CJ said.
A man started to talk, but I tuned out everything around me. I couldn’t hear anything. I zoned back in when he said, “Take your mark, get set, GO!” I sprinted out to the front of the pack. The start was a blur. I was in the front of the race.
I couldn’t feel my legs. There was half a mile left, and I was still in front. I sprinted. I could see the finish line. 100 meters to go. Then, suddenly, I felt my leg twisted, pain filled my leg. I fell. Everything was a blur. I started to crawl. I slowly, painfully crawled towards the finish line. I couldn’t move anymore. I layed there in pain. There was a blur of paramedics all around me. “Beep, beep.” I woke up to the noise of hospital machines. I tried to get up, but the pain in my leg was unbearable. ”Mr. Harris, glad you’re awake, I have something for you.” The man handed me an envelope, sealed shut with a large stickers made up of four large letters. ”What is it?” I asked.
“Open it,” the man said. It read: you have been accepted to UCLA on an athletic scholarship, worth 50,000 dollars.
The man said, “We like what we saw at that meet, we hope you can come to UCLA next fall.”
I laid back in the hospital bed. The pain in my leg was forgotten,but my heart started to pinch, I held it and fell back. I stayed in that hospital, and I never came out.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Story teaser

The hot concrete felt as if it was melting my shoes. Two miles in I knew I had to walk. “Phew” I said. There was no one around, all the high schooler's were ahead and the middle school  behind. After five minutes I started to run again. Finally the run was over. I went home and felt like all of my bones were in two. I choose this as my teaser from my story because I thought it had a lot of detail and it shows the mental stress that my character is feeling because of cross country.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Scene and Summary

My author uses more scene than summary. To me using scene is more effective. In one of the scenes, when Zach and Gabe meet for the first time the author uses many details. Instead of just having Zach and Gabe meet and go to their house like a summary to bring information together and write the jist of it, the author shows the thought and emotion that the characters are feeling and shows detail to make you feel like your there like a scene.